Student Finance Guide

What are tuition fees?

Most universities will charge you fees for enrolling onto one of their courses. The amount charged might vary between universities. Fees can also vary depending on where you come from, for example, for international students, a different scale of fees applies. Additionally, those who live and study in Wales might pay a different amount to those who live in England, yet attend a university in Wales. It may seem confusing, but don’t worry as universities clearly display their course fees on their website.

What else will I need money for?

Apart from tuition fees, you might also need money for maintenance or living costs. These are more relevant for those wishing to study away from home and include the cost of housing, bills, travel expenses, course materials such as textbooks and other living essentials such as food.

What help is available?

Try not to be put off by the cost of university, there is lots of support available. The main types of support for UK students are:

  • A tuition fee loan, which is hassle-free as its paid directly to the university to cover tuition fees only.
  • Maintenance loan, which is paid directly into your bank account and should be spent on covering your living costs whilst studying.

With any loan, remember the full amount will need to be paid back with interest and can often take many years of repayments. The amount you pay back, and when, depends on how much you earn.

You may also be entitled to bursaries, scholarships and grants, which don’t normally need to be paid back. (Add link to bursaries and scholarship article).

You can find out how much money you might be entitled to and information about how to apply by going to your local Student Finance website.

Top tips:

  1. You don’t normally get your student loan until after fresher’s week (accommodation payments are normally required after students have received their loans). It might seem annoying but it’s actually good as it means you don’t spend all of your loan on going out!
  2. Try and make sure you save up a bit of money before going to university to cover your living expenses until your loan comes in. You might also need a bit of money to buy things such as kitchen items and extra bedding if you’re planning on moving away.

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